This is a relatively new product for bee-keeping. 

Most often, it is called a drone jelly or homogenate drone-brood. This natural product was used in ancient times: the tomb of Ma you Duy Han dynasty in the province Huang (China) recipes found on the bamboo with a description of the use of drones milk.

Drone brood - is open or brood from which to develop drones. In China, Japan, Romania, Kenya and many other countries on the basis of larval homogenates drones produced and widely used dosage forms, nutritional supplements, anti-cosmetic creams. In Japan, the drone larvae are used as special food: they are cooked, packed in glass and metal containers and sell. In addition, the drone brood can with soy sauce and use as a seasoning or fried. This product is worldwide appreciated for the strongest bio-stimulating properties. In Japan, released a special honeycombs with enlarged cells, allowing in May - June to get from one cell to 1 kg of larvae drones.

In the Moscow Institute of Apiculture in conjunction with the Ryazan gosmeduniversitetom studied biomedical and biochemical properties of the homogenate drone brood. Was found possible to use it as a drug and a dietary supplement. In this regard, the question arose about the need for science-based technology of bee colonies from drone brood at the larval stage of development. The number of cultivated bees drone brood affect five main factors: the period of the active season and the state of bee colonies (number of bees, the ratio of adults and brood), the age and origin of the cancer, the presence and level of the average daily collection of nectar and pollen bees, the level of household wealth protein feed; the amount of nests and the number of combs in it with drone cells. Limitation of bees drone brood rearing is primarily due to the fact that both larvae and adults drones consume a lot of food. For example, lack of pollen in nature and scarce nest bee pollen in significantly less or no grown drones or drive them even in summer as * for the latter thus requires five times more feed than for the same number of worker bees. Over a lifetime, 1 kg of drones eats from 15 to 20 kg of honey, which on average 2.6 times more than the worker bees consume the same conditions. Up to 90% of the bee drone brood is grown for 60 days (from late May to late July), the most - in the second half of June. At the beginning of May and in early August, it is grown in only a few families. Under the drone bee brood is removed about 10% of the cells of the honeycomb of their total number in the nest. Location developing drones in the nest varies throughout the spring and summer season. In mid-May, they typically occupy small areas (up to 200 cells) on honeycomb with bee brood in the middle of the slot. With increasing numbers of bees (over 25 thousand individuals), most developing drones moved to the periphery of the nest.

Peculiarities of

The homogenate drone brood-often by compression (squeeze) pieces of honeycomb with drone, has just sealed or open more larvae. After pressing out, thick liquid with a distinctive taste - the larval jelly. It is a valuable biologically active product, since in addition to protein, the content of which it is close to the meat and mushrooms, the homogenate contains a rich set of nutrients: amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, trace elements, etc. For example, the content of vitamin D homogenate surpasses even the fish oil. Larvae drones get better with special drone combs. This significantly reduces the overhead of labor, mechanization simplifies the selection of larvae and provides an opportunity to re-use the cell cell. Honeycomb with drone larvae, sealed with wax caps are extracted from the nests and transferred to the laboratory, which is isolated in the apiary special room. All the procedures for the collection of larvae, cooking, canning, packaging homogenate in dark glass bottles and packaging them in a container necessarily carried out in hygienic conditions that meet the requirements for the production of medicines and foods. Wax sealed brood caps carefully cut with a knife, heated in boiling water. Then the cell is set to manual honey extractor. Within 10-12 minutes to remove 95% of the larvae. When using the building frame can be pressed at the same time by removing the larvae and prepare homogenates. The homogenate was immediately adsorbed. In a porcelain mortar should contain one part homogenate adsorbent adding six parts (by weight) is used as a mixture of lactose and glucose (50%), and thoroughly rubbed. The crude homogenate was adsorbed drone brood stored at 4-6 * C for about 3 months prior to drying, the finished product be stored at ambient temperatures of up to three years.

Biological and medical properties

The larval jelly has powerful healing and rejuvenating effects. It is full of hormones and vitamins, not being gormonozamenitelem. This natural natural product is ideally suited to the human body, contains natural testosteroidy, progesterone and estradiol.
The larval jelly on your application has a narrow focus, but in this area is unmatched. The hormones that are part of this product, not only the effect on the endocrine organs, but also help them recover. The homogenate has a tonic effect, restores metabolism and nutrition of tissue, contributes to the stabilization of blood pressure, has a regulatory effect on the cardiovascular system and tone level circulation reduces cholesterol in blood contributes to the accelerated recovery massometricheskih and biochemical characteristics of the testes and prostate, as a stimulant of the central regulatory mechanisms formation of androgens, improves physical performance, the recovery of impaired sexual function in men and increased libido. Effective in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, natural immunomodulatory-trimmer. For more effective action larval jelly must be applied simultaneously with the pollen, which provides the overall recovery of the body.
The indications for use are endocrine diseases (hypothyroidism), sexual dysfunction, prostatitis, prostate adenoma, male and female infertility, menopause, metabolic disorders.

Contraindication can only idiosyncrasy.

Like all products of beekeeping, drone brood can not only treat, but also to maintain the body in a healthy state. Typically, use of the drug in the morning and evening, half a teaspoon 30 minutes before meals. Prophylactic course - 2-3 weeks, then break for 10 days and repeat everything. Or a recipe: a third of a teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach to take for 3 months.